Working Group 8.4 Meeting at the 25th Bled eConference

On June 18th, 2012, an IFIP Working Group 8.4 Workshop was held in the course of the Bled eConference , co-chaired by Christian Kittl, Research Director, Evolaris next level, Austria and Peter Kieseberg, Researcher, SBA Research, Austria. The workshop featured three panellists sharing their thoughts on eBusiness and eCommerce and the changes in this scientific research area throughout the last two decades: Doug Vogel, Professor of Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong, China; Susan Williams, Professor at the Institute for IS Research, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany; Roger Clarke, Principal, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Australia & Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Law, University of NSW & Visiting Professor in Computer Science, Australian National University, Australia. The main focus of the panellists' talks and the lively discussion following lay in the change from a multi-disciplinary research area into an area of transdisciplinary research incorporating a multitude of researchers from different disciplines. The participation of the auditorium in the discussion following the panel presentations was strong and a lot of different views on the subject were discussed. Furthermore, the call for a more holistic and transdisciplinary research approach led to lively discussion on how to achieve this in a world of short-term employment of (junior) scientists.

In conclusion, while the number of papers using the term "eBusiness" may have dwindled in the last decade after a peak in 2002, the topic is not obsolete, but due to the embedded lifestyle virtually included in many different research areas and of increasing importance in everyday life.