Under the auspices of IFIP TC8, an initial working conference was held in Salzburg from 22-23 June 2001. This conference was well received, with 65 paying participants. Papers and panel sessions were presented by academic researchers and industry practitioners with a range of disciplinary perspectives (including technology, systems development, sociology, legal, management, education, health, banking and logistics) from more than 10 countries.

At a business meeting concluding the conference, 42 people supported the establishment of an IFIP working group. Subsequently, at the Bled conference on E-Commerce, people who were unable to attend the business meeting indicated their support for establishment of the new working group.

The Centre for Electronic Commerce at Copenhagen Business School hosted a second conference in support of this working group, held from 10 - 11 June 2002.

The third conference returned to the Salzburg Research Institute on 18-19 June 2004.

The fourth conference that was to be held in Bentley College Boston on November 18-19 2005 has been postponed. Please see the details of the 2006 30th Anniversary of TC8 conference with WG8.4 in Santiago Chile.